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​The object of the sport of wrestling is to put your opponent on his back -- to pin your opponent.

A pin (or fall) is when you put your opponent on his/her back with any part of both shoulders or both shoulder blades of your opponent in contact with the mat for two seconds. When you pin your opponent, the match is over and you are the winner.

If nobody gets pinned, the winner is the wrestler who has scored the most points during the match..

There are five ways to score points in a wrestling match:

1) Takedown - (2 points) You score two points for taking your opponent down to the mat and controlling him/her.
2) Escape - (1 point) You score one point for getting away or getting to a neutral position...  READ MORE


Scoring  Basics

Top Ten Wrestling Rules 

​1. Never be outworked and train your mindset if you want to be at your absolute best.
2. Don't focus on your record. Focus on getting better and going after the toughest challenges.
3. Remember that cutting weight doesn't make you a better wrestler.
4. Have a purpose every practice. Stop going through the motions. Make sure you focus on the areas that will make you better.
5. Stop comparing yourself to other people. Real champions compete against themselves.
6. Be thankful for the opportunity to wrestle. Remember its something that you get to do, not something that you have to do.
7. Be patient. Realize that it takes time to make big improvements.
8. Wrestle for yourself. Think about all the things YOU love about wrestling.
9. Never quit. If you can't win, then make the guy tired. If you aren't the starter, get better each day anyway.
10. Keep things in perspective. Faith, Family and Academics come before wrestling. God doesn't care how many titles you win. And your family will love no matter what.

Wrestling 101

Our attitudes and values 
#mentaltoughness always be ready to compete emotionally, mentally and physically
Learn our offensive and defensive techniques 
Study our opponent’s moves and tendencies 
Have fun and wrestle with enthusiasm every match 
Develop a great deal of pride in how we wrestle
Your Opponents height, strength, honors, and press clippings
Who cares about records and stats: we have to wrestle each match 
The official’s judgments and interpretations