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Youth Wrestler and Parent Expectations

Wrestling is a popular sport for kids and steadily growing in popularity in Texas. Wrestlers are matched up according to weight, age and experience which often gives youngsters too small to compete in other sports the opportunity to face opponents of about the same size, age and ability.

Our "Not-for-profit" club is run via alot of hard work by a handful of volunteers. We ask that both our team members as well as parents follow the rules designed and enforced by our coaches.

1. So as not to disrupt the practice, ask your son to arrive at practice on time and ready to participate. Please do NOT come to practice sick. Let us know in advance if you will not be coming to practice. NOTE: We encourage you to train outside our practices, but your child MUST attend our practices as well in order to paticipate in tournaments as an LTW team member.

2. Please be respectful of our coaches and each other. Try your best, listen, have fun, learn, but no "goofing around". This helps to avoid injuries as well.

3. Coaches will expect good sportsmanship conduct from team members as well as parents. Please encourage your child to participate as a TEAM member. Encourage each other! No bragging, fighting, or unsurpervised wrestling will be tolerated.

4. Please pay up front for tournaments.

5. Weigh-ins occur the practice before the tournament. If your child misses that practice, it will be your responsibility to email his current weight to the club manager.

6. Keep wrestling shoes clean, fingernails trimmed, and any open wounds covered.

7. Only coaches allowed matsite at both practice AND tournaments. Absolutely no parents will be allowed matside at tournaments! This is a USA Wrestling rule and will be absolutely enforced this year! Kids need to focus on their opponent and often get confused when they receive instructions from both parents AND coaches.

8. Parental volunteers will be mandatory. We are required to help run tables at local tournaments. Other participation is needed to help with the administrative needs of our team. This is everyone's team and we need everyone's help in order to be successful and grow.